Castanet, LinkedIn automation for generating QUALIFIED B2B LEADS! CASTANET identifies your ideal prospects and their geographical markets, then automatically sends connection requests, messages, and follow-ups

Castanet – For generating QUALIFIED B2B LEADS!

LinkedIn automation for generating QUALIFIED B2B LEADS! CASTANET identifies your ideal prospects and their geographical markets, then automatically connects and follows up on your behalf. CASTANET Syncs to a LinkedIn profile, then goes to work to connect with up to 400 targeted new prospects each month, while automatically sending follow up messages and other actions, such as:

All this, happening on your behalf, automatically, everyday! There is NO LIMIT to the number of campaigns you can run!

Features of CASTANET

  1. Automated Connection Requests: Castanet automates the process of sending out connection requests to targeted profiles. This is based on specific criteria tailored to the user’s business needs, ensuring that the connections made are relevant and potentially beneficial.
  2. Follow-up Messaging: Recognizing the importance of follow-up in networking, Castanet automatically sends personalized follow-up messages to new connections. This helps in keeping the conversation going and builds a foundation for a strong professional relationship.
  3. Content Sharing: The tool shares valuable content such as articles, blog posts, and videos with connections. This not only engages the network but also positions the user as a thought leader in their industry.
  4. Personalised Messages: Beyond automated messaging, Castanet offers the capability to send personalised messages. This is key to making each connection feel valued and increases the chances of converting prospects into leads.
  5. Profile Endorsement: Engaging in activities like endorsing the skills of connections can further solidify relationships. Castanet can automate this process, enhancing your visibility and credibility within your network.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Efficient Lead Generation: By automating the process of connecting with potential leads and following up with them, Castanet significantly reduces the time and effort required for lead generation activities.
  • Targeted Networking: The ability to target specific types of business owners and decision-makers ensures that the networking efforts are focused and more likely to yield positive outcomes.
  • Increased Engagement: Automatically sharing valuable content with your network keeps your profile active and engaging, helping to maintain top-of-mind awareness among your connections.
  • Improved Professional Relationships: The combination of automated and personalised interactions helps in building and nurturing professional relationships, which are crucial for business growth.
  • Scalability: Castanet allows businesses to scale their networking and lead generation efforts without a proportional increase in effort or resources.



No, you can use CASTANET with a free LinkedIn account. However, with Sales Navigator you will have advanced options to create highly targeted lists for even better results!

Unlimited profiles can be managed within a singled account. Each profile requires the purchase of an additional seat add-on.

This depends on how you’ve setup your campaign. Typically, CASTANET will send 20-25 invitations to new prospects, send 40-50 messages to existing connections and a variety of different tasks. It’s important to note that LinkedIn limits how many searches you can do, and how many profiles you can view in a day. Our system automatically keeps your profile within those limits to prevent it from getting flagged.

The goal of reach campaign should be to target a hyper concentrated group of individuals. Our recommendation is between 1000 – 2000 prospects per campaign. These smaller groups are ideal, as it lets you create more targeted message sequences and generate results faster!

CASTANET gives you the option to prevent a user from being part of multiple different campaigns. This is because this is generally undesirable, as it might come across as impersonal.

Yes! After activating your CASTANET account you can choose the “CASTANET Certification” Add-on. Its completely free and will cover all the important details.

Yes! The templates we have make it even easier for users to get started. The 4 templates available include: -1 year Drip Sequence (12 touch points) -1 month Appointment Setting Sequence (5 touch points) -1 month Group Member Sequence (5 touch points) -1 week Network Growth Sequence (4 touch points)
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